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What level of familiarity do you have with the Ekiti State University student portal? Students occasionally have no idea what resources are available to them on the EKSU site. As a result, they end up paying others to carry out tasks that they might have done themselves. You may carry out a number of tasks via the EKSU student portal, including paying tuition, signing up for classes, checking test results, and much more. What procedures are necessary to complete each of these tasks? This page can be used as a reference for registering for and logging into the EKSU student portal.


An Overview of Ekiti State University

Ado Ekiti, the capital of Ekiti State, is home to Ekiti State University, a state-owned and -operated university in Nigeria. The university was founded on March 30, 1982, under the name Obafemi Awolowo University, Ado-Ekiti. The institution belongs to the Association of Commonwealth Universities.

Webometrics has also placed Ekiti State University as the third-best state university in Nigeria. The institution provides degree programs in a variety of academic fields, including arts, science, and medicine.


The EKSU Portal: What You Should Know

The EKSU student portal is an online resource provided by the Ekiti State University. This tool is made available to students so they can manage their academic data well. Visiting will enable users to access the EKSU E-Portal. By signing into the portal, you could also view your semester grades and make a payment for your tuition. The purpose of the student portal is to provide convenience for the students. As a result, pupils now have the chance to learn without having to stand in line.

How can I access the EKSU student portal? To access the site, you must enter your login details. The university administration distributes the site login details.


How to Login to EKSU Portal

Do you need help finding the Ekiti State University student portal? The instructions provided below can help you access the portal:

  • You must first click on the following link to enter the EKSU student portal:
  • The next step is to enter your login and password in the appropriate columns.
  • Following the completion of your information, you must click the login icon.

That’s it. The portal is now open for your use.


How to Change Your Password for the EKSU Portal

What happens if someone forgets their EKSU password? All you have to do is click the “Forgot password” button below to access your account.

You can reset your EKSU student portal passcode in a few simple steps if you can’t actually remember it. To change your EKSU student portal passcode, simply follow the procedures below:

  1. Visit password to get started.
  2. Specify your login information or registration number.
  3. The reset link will be sent to your email when you click “SEND.”
  4. To access the portal, you will be able to type in a new password.


How to Register Courses on EKSU Portal

Online course registration is also possible through the Ekiti State University undergraduate webpage. Follow the instructions below to do this. Here are some easy actions to take:

  1. To begin, you must first visit the EKSU student portal at
  2. Make sure the preloader is off.
  3. The following action is to select Student Login and sign in using your registration/matriculation number and password.
  4. Next, select the My Course tab.
  5. Register for the course you want.
  6. Choose the session and semester for which you want to register for courses.
  7. Pick the courses you are offering.
  8. Next and last step is to submit it.

Your course form will now be available for printing. You must print the form because you will undoubtedly need it in the future for clarification.



I assume that you are reading this article in order to log into the students portal for Ekiti State University. There are several advantages to using this university’s internet resource.

This useful tool can help every EKSU current and potential student. The student portal is also a very beneficial tool for both fresh UTME applicants to the school.




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