Part Time Jobs in Lagos 2024: How to Work Less Time

Do you think you need to work less time to make a decent living? Or do you want a job that will help you do others also? Think again. There are so many high-earning part-time jobs available in the city of Lagos. This includes opportunities for freelance work, remote employment, and flexible employment that pays well.

Check out our list of high-paying part-time jobs in Lagos if you’re a recent graduate, student, SSCE holder searching for a side gig, or just looking to earn more money for your time.


Part Time Jobs in Lagos
Part Time Jobs in Lagos: How to Work Less Time

Part-time Jobs in Lagos

Are you looking for part-time jobs in Lagos State? If so, you might find it interesting to know that Lagos has a lot of these employment openings. The interesting thing about these positions is that many of them only require an SSCE certificate.

In this article, we have listed all the available part-time job vacancies in Lagos. We have also given you important details that will help you submit a good application. Keep reading and try to stay focused.

Construction Worker

Construction workers use equipment and tools to build different projects. They collaborate with a team to finish any job the manager has planned. In Lagos, there are numerous building projects in progress, and many construction workers are required.


A driver’s responsibility is to transport passengers to and from various places. In addition, you will deliver first-rate customer support to guarantee the comfort of your customers. A dependable mode of transportation, a current driver’s license, and a spotless driving record are necessities for this job.


Freelancers are people who establish their own rates and working hours in order to market a particular talent, skill, or product. Freelancers work as consultants, authors, photographers, designers, and more. They are in charge of developing their own clientele and managing money.


Tutors work with students one-on-one or in groups, depending on the classes they are taking and their own areas of expertise. Students meet with tutors to discuss and revise material covered in class. There are good numbers of parents in Lagos who are in search of the service of a good tutor to teach their kids.


Receptionists work in a wide range of settings. They might be responsible for data entry, greeting clients, returning phone calls and emails, and taking notes for important staff members. With at least an SSCE, you can work as a secretary.

Security Officer

The task of watching over a particular company location falls to security officers. Typically, a high school certificate or its equivalent is needed. Some employers might demand both a driver’s license and a clear background check.

Security Guard (Bouncer)

A bouncer is a security guard who works to maintain the safety of bars, eateries, nightclubs, and other event locations. Their main responsibility is to monitor entries and prevent unauthorized entry.

Store Assistant

A store assistant, also known as a sales assistant, helps customers and sells goods in a shop or other retail setting. Their main responsibilities include processing sales transactions, resolving client problems, and maintaining order in the store.


A photographer is a specialist in handling photo shoots, image processing, editing, and guaranteeing high-quality images. A photographer collaborates closely with clients to take pictures using their artistic vision and technical expertise with photographic tools.


Cleanliness in public or private areas is the responsibility of cleaners. They are responsible for keeping the area clean by sweeping and mopping the floors, dusting the desks, removing cobwebs, replacing used supplies, emptying the trash, and replacing empty containers.

Lagos Recruitment Update 2024

Selecting the ideal part-time job for you requires considering a number of choices. Many part-time jobs have the ability to pay significantly more than the minimum wage.

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