Plateau State University PLASU School Fees for 2023/2024 Academic Session

This article contains information on Plateau State University PLASU School Fees.

Are you looking for an affordable university to further your education in Nigeria? There is no need for you to look past Plateau State University. The institution charges inexpensive tuition, which is among the lowest in the country. Are you curious about the cost of the PLASU school fees? You’ve finally arrived at the correct page, which makes me pleased. We will highlight in this post the fees structure for Plateau State University. This information will be helpful whether you are a returning or first-time student to the university. All of the institution’s students are expected to review the listed below school expenses.


PLASU School Fees


Plateau State University School Fees 2023/2024

The school fees for Plateau State University, PLASU, for the 2023–2024 academic year have been released. This applies to both new and returning University students. Every PLASU student should read this article to find out how much their course fees are.


The Plateau State University’s (PLASU) current fees for both new and returning students is between ₦36,000 to as high as ₦50,000 depending on the program you’re doing. You must check the departmental fees for new students on the school’s official website. This online payment site would also be used for payment.

Please be aware that there are different fee levels for the schools’ programs. You can find a breakdown of the costs for your course on the portal as soon as you visit the school’s website.

Below is a highlight of the school fees for the different programs offered by the Plateau State University:

  • Agriculture — ₦36,000
  • Biochemistry — ₦36,000
  • Chemistry — ₦36,000
  • Computer Science — ₦36,000
  • Mathematics — ₦ 36,000
  • Microbiology — ₦36,000
  • Physics — ₦36,000
  • Economics — ₦36,000
  • English Language — ₦36,000
  • Geography — ₦36,000
  • History and International Studies — ₦36,000
  • Industrial Design — ₦36,000
  • Management Studies — ₦36,000
  • Mass Communication — ₦36,000
  • Political Science — ₦36,000
  • Psychology — ₦36,000
  • Sociology — ₦36,000
  • Theatre Arts — ₦36,000


The Plateau State University PLASU school fees is essentially the same for all programmes. This includes the remaining courses as well as the fields of sciences, arts, computer science, mass communication, and agriculture. More details are available at


We have published the most recent Taraba State University tuition and fee schedule for all recently admitted students and returning students. All students must complete all required tasks on the PLASU payment portal, including paying their acceptance fee and school fees. There have also been updates to the PLASU school fees for direct admission students and disciplines relating to science. Please check the school’s website to determine the most recent fee schedule.


Plateau State University PLASU School Fees Deadline

The Plateau State University has set the timeframe for students to pay their school fees. It’s important for new and returning students to pay their tuition as soon as possible to avoid problems. Late payments will result in penalties in the form of additional costs, according to the school management.

The Plateau State University, has mandated that the tuition for this term be paid in full before the specified deadline. Students should make every effort to pay their fees prior to the portal closing.


Final Thoughts

Plateau State University is one of the leading institutions of higher learning in the state. The school is situated in Bokkos, a town in the state. The Plateau state government oversees the university because it is a state-owned institution.

Plateau State University accepts students from all around the country without regard to their background in religion or culture. Most likely, the university has a small number of students and employees, and its student body isn’t particularly diversified.

The university is situated in the North Central part of the country. Regrettably, few Nigerians would travel there to pursue their academic interests. For those who are engaged in studying no matter where they are, admission may not be as competitive.

The cost of attending Plateau State University is inexpensive and among the lowest in the country. The university grants bachelor’s degrees in education, social science, science, and agriculture. Additionally, the university offers housing for its students.




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