University of Benin UNIBEN School Fees 2024/2025 Academic Session

The University of Benin’s tuition fees also known as UNIBEN School Fees have been the subject of numerous recurrent questions. The question “how much are UNIBEN jupeb school fees?” is among the most frequent ones. “How much are part-time education expenses at UNIBEN?”

“How much are the semester fees at UNIBEN?” This, along with several inquiries about the tuition at the institution, prompted me to write this in-depth post.

I will therefore be sharing with you today a complete list of the Uniben school fees that apply to all of the institution’s students. This will include tuition for part-time students, and graduate students, as well as fees for each semester and academic session. This extensive article includes all of this information.


UNIBEN School Fees
University of Benin School Fees

The University of Benin’s school fees has been made public by the institution for both new and returning students for the 2024–2025 academic year. The administration has really raised tuition. This suggests that the 2024–2025 UNIBEN school fees for both sciences and non-sciences have been accepted for an upward review.

Below is a detailed breakdown. Here are the answers to a recent query about whether the UNIBEN school fees for new students have hiked or not.

There were rumors that school fees may increase, as most schools intended. Eventually, the administration agreed to raise the UNIBEN school fees for both new and returning students. Therefore, it is important for all new and returning students to be aware of the recent developments.

UNIBEN School Fees for Fresh Science Students 2024/2025 Academic Session

Here are the tuition costs for new students in the Faculty of Sciences and other scientifically oriented departments at the University of Benin. Their acceptance fee, which was previously N60,000, has now increased to N73,500. Consequently, the 2024/2025 academic session’s UNIBEN school costs for sciences (new students) are 73,500 (new school fees) plus 60,000 Naira (acceptance fee). The sum of everything for all new scientific students per session comes to 133,500 Naira.

UNIBEN School Fees for College of Medicine

The new College of Medicine tuition at UNIBEN has raised to N73,500. the additional acceptance fee of $9,000 in addition to the tuition rates. Consequently, UNIBEN’s new school fees for medical disciplines need payment of N90,000 in addition to N73,500 in school fees. The total tuition that new students must pay for medical sciences is N163,500 every session.

UNIBEN School Fees for Non-science Students

The following list includes the UNIBEN school fees for new non-science students for the 2024–2025 academic year. Students in the faculties of management and social sciences, law, the arts, education, and all other faculties not directly related to science are included in the non-science students. Their tuition has gone up to 69,900 Naira per pupil, per session.

Although the N60,000 admission fee does not change. In conclusion, the current academic session’s UNIBEN school fees for non-sciences courses are N69,900 plus N60,000. This puts the total cost per session for all new University of Benin non-science students at N129,900.

This is how the University of Benin’s tuition schedule for science and non-science majors, new and returning students alike, is presented. Please inform other students who might be in need of the changes mentioned above.

UNIBEN School Fees Update

Is it safe to assume that all of the queries regarding the new UNIBEN school fees for all students have been addressed?

As students advance in levels, the University of Benin’s school fees decreases, similar to most state and federal universities. Students are urged to study this entire section in order to obtain the necessary information for the timely payment of fees. Late payments would result in further fees.

Additionally, the student wouldn’t be able to take their semester exam if the costs weren’t paid on time.

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