OYRTMA Recruitment 2024: How to Work with Oyo State Road Traffic Management Authority

OYRTMA Recruitment 2024 invites interested applicants who wish to work in Oyo State’s traffic agency. The Oyo State Road Traffic Management Authority is accepting job applications from qualified candidates.

The available jobs include the Road Traffic Assistants, and Road Traffic Superintendents/Officers.

This is a good opportunity for graduates and unemployed people to work with the state government agency.

OYRTMA Recruitment
How to Work with Oyo State Road Traffic Management Authority

We’ll walk you through the process of applying for the ongoing OYRTMA recruiting in this article.

The interesting part is that you can do the application at the comfort of your home or office. Kindly follow the instructions on this page to submit your application successfully.



The Oyo State Traffic Management Authority Law, 2009, an act of the Oyo State House of Assembly, was passed on November 4, 2009, and it formed the Oyo State Road Traffic Management Authority (OYRTMA).

The Authority was created to supervise, administer, and regulate transportation as well as other related issues.

All users of the road transportation system in Oyo State would have safer travel conditions with the least amount of delay, according to the agency’s objective.

The Authority’s strategic mandate is to manage traffic and uphold federal and state regulations that address the safe operation of automobiles on State roadways.


What do OYRTMA Employees do?

Every unit and department of OYRTMA has a variety of aims that serve a variety of purposes. They are done to guarantee that the agency runs smoothly while we provide services to the public. The roles that individuals planning to collaborate with OYRTMA will play are as follows:

  • Legislation governing the safe operation of cars on highways are controlled and enforced by OYRTMA.
  • Workers for the OYRTMA discourage and capture traffic violators.
  • They lessen the frequency and severity of traffic collisions.
  • They keep a list of people who violate the traffic laws.
  • They protect highways from encroachment caused by market activities, roadside trading, street hawking, and beggars seeking alms.
  • They protect people using automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, and foot traffic at railroad crossings.
  • Workers for the OYRTMA collaborate with local, national, and international organizations that are involved in road safety initiatives.
  • The organization provides training, educational, and research facilities for the road transportation industry.
  • The road workers find new or alternative ways of traffic management and road safety, develop them, and maintain them.
  • They provide telephone accessible emergency towing services for breakdown vehicles.
  • OYRTMA employees safeguard school children through school children crossing and school site signs.
  • They protect moving vehicles and pedestrians on the roads, highways, and streets.
  • OYRTMA prevent and regulate the construction of facilities such as billboards and other forms of advertising.


What You Should Know About OYRTMA Recruitment 2024

The Oyo State Road Traffic Management Authority application form is available to all interested candidates. The forms are freely accessible online.

It is crucial to remember that the OYRTMA application form is completely free. Never give anyone money in return for an application form. The OYRTMA application form is accessible online through the official employment website, jobportal.oyostate.gov.ng/oyrtma.


Requirements for OYRTMA Recruitment 2024

The following prerequisites must be satisfied in order to apply for the ongoing OYRTMA recruitment:

  • Candidates must have attachments from their guarantors which should be downloaded, printed, and signed by candidates.
  • Applicants must have been born in Nigeria.
  • Male candidates must be 1.66 meters tall and female candidates must be 1.63 meters tall.
  • Female applicants cannot be pregnant throughout the recruitment process and any subsequent checks.
  • Applicants must be in good physical and medical health.
  • Applicants must be clear of any criminal convictions rendered by a court of law.
  • Applicants who satisfy the criteria from the online application will receive an invitation for a physical examination.


How to Apply for OYRTMA Recruitment 2024

Visit the online application page for the Oyo State Road Traffic Management Authority recruitment to begin filling out the application. To apply for OYRTMA recruitment 2024, follow the steps below:

  1. The first step is to pay a visit to jobportal.oyostate.gov.ng/oyrtma
  2. Click “APPLY NOW”
  3. Create an account
  4. Complete the online application.
  5. Provide the necessary documentation.
  6. Submit your application

That’s it!

The next step in the recruitment and selection process will involve contacting selected candidates via email and SMS. The Authority’s Headquarters in Sanyo, Ibadan will conduct the physical screening of the shortlisted candidates at a future date that will be announced.


OYRTMA Recruitment Update 2024

Many potential applicants have inquired as to whether the OYRTMA Recruitment Portal for this year’s recruitment is available.

Indeed, all interested applicants may use the Oyo State Road Traffic Management Authority application online. Visit the application portal and begin filling out the online application form to apply for the available positions.

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