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There are thousands of students currently enrolled at Delta State University, as it’s a reputable school of higher learning. How familiar are they with the student portal of the institution? I think the reason you clicked on this page is that you might not know how to enter the DELSU site. Sadly, you can find yourself spending money on tasks that you could have done on your own without hiring someone else. You can do a number of academic assignments through the student portal at Delta State University. What procedures are necessary to complete each of these tasks? This article can be used as a guideline for registering for and logging into the school’s student portal.


About Delta State University (DELSU)

Abraka, Asana is home to the state-owned Delta State University. There are now 3 campuses for the university. The primary campus is in Abraka, followed by a second campus in Anwai, and a third campus in Oleh.

Approximately 22,000 students attended DELSU during the most recent academic year. DELSU welcomes students from all around the world to its campus. The institution offers part-time, weekend, and full-time certificate, diploma, and degree programs. The university also provides postgraduate students with programs leading to doctoral degrees.


About the DELSU Portal

The Delta State University students have their own dedicated website called the DELSU Portal. Students can use this site to carry out academic-related procedures on their individual profiles.

The online student portal is available for use by prospective students to submit applications, set up profiles, and make payments for applicable fees.

How can I access the DELSU student portal? In order to gain access, you must enter your login details. The university administration distributes the site login details. The processes for logging in and accessing the DELSU student portal are highlighted in the rest of this article.


How to Login to DELSU Portal

Are you trying to figure out how to get to the student portal at Delta State University? You can open the portal by following the directions listed below:

  • You must first access the DELSU student portal by clicking on the following link:
  • The following action is to fill up the necessary columns with your login and password.
  • You must then click the login icon after entering your details.

That’s all! You can now access the portal as you like!


How to Reset Your DELSU Portal Password

What happens if someone forgets their DELSU password? To change your password, simply click the button that says “Retrieve password” below.

In the event that you don’t remember your DELSU student portal passcode, you can reset it with a few easy steps. Follow the steps below to reset your student portal passcode:

  1. Simply visit
  2. Enter your username or registration number
  3. Click “SEND” to send the reset link to your email.

You will be able to input a new password to be able to access the portal.


How to Register Courses on DELSU Portal

The Delta State University undergraduate portal likewise allows you to register for classes online. To accomplish this, adhere to the steps listed below. Here are the simple steps to take:

  • You must first go to, the DELSU student portal, to get started.
  • The next step is to log in with your matriculation/registration number and your password.
  • Select the session and semester you want to do your course registration.
  • Then, select the courses you are offering.
  • Then submit it.

You will now be able to print out your course form. The form needs to be printed out because you will surely need it for future clarity.



If I am not mistaken, you are likely reading this page in order to get into the students portal of Delta State University. There are several advantages to using this university’s internet resource.

This useful tool can help every DELSU current and potential student. All things considered, the student portal is a very beneficial tool for both new and returning students at the institution.



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