University of Calabar UNICAL School Fees for 2023/2024 Academic Session

Are you a new or returning student of the University of Calabar and you are looking for information on UNICAL School Fees for the current academic session?

UNICAL School Fees
University of Calabar UNICAL School Fees

This article will give answers to your questions. The university is one of the best universities in Nigeria, offering a wide range of academic programs to students from Nigeria and beyond.
As with most universities, UNICAL has a tuition and fees structure that students need to be aware of before applying. This article will give you all you should know about this.


University of Calabar UNICAL School Fees 2023/2024

The University of Calabar UNICAL, has released the school fees schedule for the 2023/2024 academic session. The fees vary depending on whether you are a new student or an old student, as well as your specific program of study.

Regardless of the course of study, whether it is Medicine and Surgery, Engineering, Computer Science, Mass Communication, Law, or any other program, the school fees at UNICAL are generally the same. For more detailed information, you can visit

Here is the University of Calabar school fees schedule:

Fresh Students

  • Science Students – 61,850
  • Non-Science Students – 59,850
  • Medical Students – 63,850
  • Nursing Students – 63,850

Returning Students

  • Science Students – 46,350
  • Non-Science Students – 44,350
  • Medical Students – 48,350
  • Nursing Students – 48,350

Final Year Students

  • Science Students – 49,350
  • Non-Science Students – 47,350
  • Medical Students – 51,350
  • Nursing Students – 51,350

All students are required to make their fee payments and perform other necessary activities on the UNICAL payment portal. It is essential to adhere to the designated deadlines for payment to avoid any penalties. The university has stated that late payment will result in additional charges or penalties being imposed.
To stay updated on any further changes or announcements regarding school fees and related matters, it is recommended to regularly check the official website of the University of Calabar or visit our blog for more updates.

How to Pay UNICAL School Fees

Do you want to pay the University of Calabar (UNICAL) school fees on the school portal? Then follow these step-by-step procedures:

  1. Visit the official portal of the University of Calabar.
  2. Once you are on the portal page, you will need to log in with your credentials.
  3. Enter your registration number and password in the provided fields. If you are a new student, you may need to create an account first.
  4. After successfully logging in, you will be redirected to your student dashboard or profile page.
  5. Click on the fees/payment section to proceed with the payment process.
  6. You will be presented with a list of available fees to pay, including tuition fees, accommodation fees, and other charges.
  7. Select the appropriate fee category that you want to pay, such as “School Fees.”
  8. Select your preferred payment method from the options provided. UNICAL’s portal may offer various payment methods, such as debit/credit cards, bank transfers, or online payment platforms.
  9. Fill in the required information for your chosen payment method.
  10. Double-check all the information you have entered to ensure its accuracy.
  11. Once you are satisfied with the information provided, click on the “Submit” or “Proceed to Payment” button to initiate the payment process.
  12. Make the payment through your bank’s online banking platform or visit a bank branch to complete the transfer.
  13. After completing the payment, you should receive a confirmation message or payment receipt. It is advisable to save or print the receipt for future reference.
  14. Log out of the student portal once your payment has been successfully made.

All done!


Frequently Asked Questions on the University of Calabar UNICAL School Fees

Here is information on frequently asked questions related to school fees at UNICAL.

What are the payment options available for UNICAL school fees?

UNICAL typically offers various payment options, including online payment, bank deposit, and mobile transfer.

Are there penalties for late payment of UNICAL school fees?

UNICAL may impose penalties for late payment of school fees. It is best to check with the school management or visit their website for current and accurate information on their policies and procedures.

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The University of Calabar is one of the top universities in Nigeria that offers quality education at an inexpensive rate. The school fees at UNICAL are structured to be affordable, and students are encouraged to make payments on time to avoid any inconvenience.
We wish you good luck on your schooling!

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