NYSC Mobilization Timetable 2024 for Batches A, B, and C Streams

The NYSC Mobilization Timetable 2024 is out for prospective corp members eligible to serve the one-year compulsory program.

Are you a graduate anticipating your mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) year?

The year 2024 promises a fresh wave of national service as the NYSC gears up for mobilization of three batches: A, B, and C.

NYSC Mobilization Timetable
NYSC Mobilization Timetable

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the NYSC Mobilization Timetable 2024, helping you navigate the process with clarity and preparedness.


About NYSC Mobilization Timetable 2023

NYSC Mobilization refers to the process of inviting and registering eligible graduates for the NYSC program.

This process involves the NYSC management collaborating with various universities and tertiary institutions to gather and verify graduates’ data.

Graduates will have to first check the NYSC Senate List and verify if they are shortlisted.

Once verified, graduates are assigned to streams and batches, determining their call-up date for the three-week orientation camp experience.


The Comprehensive NYSC Mobilization Timetable 2024 for Batches A, B, and C Streams

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Mobilization Timetable for 2024 outlines key dates and events prospective corps members (PCMs) should be aware of. Knowing these dates well in advance helps them prepare for a smooth and successful service year.


Here’s a breakdown of the NYSC Mobilization Timetable 2024 for Batch A, B, and C:


Batch A Stream 1:

  • Online Registration: March 1st – 15th
  • Physical Verification: March 18th – 22nd
  • Camp Opening: March 25th
  • Orientation Course: March 26th – April 14th
  • Passing Out Parade (POP): April 15th


Batch A Stream 2:

  • Online Registration: May 1st – 15th
  • Physical Verification: May 18th – 22nd
  • Camp Opening: May 25th
  • Orientation Course: May 26th – June 13th
  • Passing Out Parade (POP): June 14th


Batch B Stream 1:

  • Online Registration: July 1st – 15th
  • Physical Verification: July 18th – 22nd
  • Camp Opening: July 25th
  • Orientation Course: July 26th – August 13th
  • Passing Out Parade (POP): August 14th


Batch B Stream 2:

  • Online Registration: August 15th – 29th
  • Physical Verification: August 31st – September 4th
  • Camp Opening: September 9th
  • Orientation Course: September 10th – September 27th
  • Passing Out Parade (POP): September 28th


Batch C Stream 1:

  • Online Registration: October 1st – 15th
  • Physical Verification: October 18th – 22nd
  • Camp Opening: October 25th
  • Orientation Course: October 26th – November 13th
  • Passing Out Parade (POP): November 14th


Batch C Stream 2:

  • Online Registration: November 15th – 29th
  • Physical Verification: December 1st – 5th
  • Camp Opening: December 9th
  • Orientation Course: December 10th – December 27th
  • Passing Out Parade (POP): December 28th


Note: These are tentative dates and subject to change by the NYSC management. It’s important for you to stay updated by regularly checking this blog as we update on the latest from the official NYSC regarding the mobilization timetable for this year.


Guidelines for NYSC Mobilization

The following are things you should note while preparing for NYSC mobilization.

  1. Ensure you have completed your degree program and received your certificate.
  2. Register online within the stipulated timeframe on the NYSC portal.
  3. Upload all required documents, including your certificate, transcript, and passport photograph.
  4. Attend the physical verification exercise at your designated center.
  5. Please ensure to Print the NYSC Call-up Letter.

Follow all instructions and guidelines issued by the NYSC. We strongly advise you to read on the Requirements for Registration and Mobilization of Graduates.


NYSC Mobilization Update 2024

The NYSC management regularly provides updates on the mobilization process through its official website and social media channels. This information includes important dates, deadlines, and any changes to the timetable.

It is important to stay updated on any changes or announcements regarding NYSC mobilization. You can do this by:

  • Regularly checking this blog for the latest updates regarding the NYSC Mobilization.
  • Also checking the official NYSC website and social media channels.
  • Joining NYSC-related online communities and forums.
  • Contacting the NYSC office in your state for inquiries.

By following these tips and staying informed, you can ensure a smooth and successful NYSC mobilization process

In all, graduates are encouraged to stay informed and remain updated by following official NYSC platforms.

We wish you success!


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